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There are several ways to get involved and make a difference in the life of shelter animals. The Humane Society of Otter Tail County would not be what it is today with out the support and generosity of our volunteers, foster families and members.


Volunteers are crucial to keeping the shelter up and running.  As a small non-profit organization, we rely on our dedicated volunteers to help us stay connected in the community and to keep our pets well exercised and loved.  If you have an hour to spare we guarantee that it will be well spent and appreciated at the shelter. Click here to view our Volunteer Requirements.

We are currently searching for committed volunteers to train in the following positions:

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our Volunteer Application and let us know where you would like to help!


Call the shelter for more information! (218) 739-3494.

Click here to download the Volunteer Handbook. The handbook contains helpful information for volunteers.



We've all heard of foster homes for children, but for animals? It's basically the same thing. Shelter animals live in a small cage, only getting out for a short time everyday. They are bored, restless and desperately want to be somewhere else. The shelter staff love these animals dearly and will do whatever they are able to help and protect them. Unfortunately, being such a small shelter, we do not have the time to spend with them the way that we would like. That is why often, the best place for our animals would be in a home such as your own, until they are adopted. It's a great way for those who want to have an animal in their life, but cannot make the long term commitment to have an animal, love them, and rehabilitate them if necessary. You provide the time, patience and love while they await adoption.  This benefits the animal you take home and frees up space for another animal in our facility. 

If you are interested in fostering, we welcome you to call or stop in and let us know you would like to help or if there is a specific animal you would like to foster.


Call the shelter for more information! (218) 739-3494.

If you are ready to foster, click here to download our Foster Care Application. The Humane Society will do it's best to ensure that the foster home and foster pet are a good match before sending the animal out to your home.

Click here to download the Foster Care Handbook. The handbook contains helpful information for foster families, especially if you will be caring for orphaned puppies or kittens.


Become a Member

As a member of the Humane Society of Otter Tail County, you will be able to help homeless pets find forever homes! You will also receive our seasonal newsletter. Click here to download our membership form.


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