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Lost & Found

The Humane Society of Otter Tail County serves as the Pound for all of Otter Tail County.

Lost a pet?

If your pet is lost or missing please call the Humane Society at 218-739-3494 with the following information:

We will keep this information on file and notify you in the event your animal is found. If your pet is not found within three weeks of your original call, please inform the shelter.

If you are searching for a pet lost in Otter Tail County, you may wish to contact the organizations listed on our Resources page depending on your location.  You may also wish to contact your local veterinarian. 


Found a Pet?

If you have found an animal and are within Fergus Falls city limits please call Animal Control at 218-205-4628, the City Landfill at 218-736-5916 or the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s office (after hours only) at 218-998-8555. If you are outside city limits please call the shelter at 218-739-3494. We are unable to pick up animals outside of city limits and are unable to accept strays from outside Otter Tail County.





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